National Sponsor: American Farmland Trust Img

The American Farmland Trust is on a mission to protect our nation’s vital farmland. They’ve led movements, reduced development pressure, and pioneered conservation practices. Now, they’re supporting America The Bountiful as the National Sponsor.

“AFT is focused on saving the land that sustains us all and our new partnership with America the Bountiful will help us reach an important PBS audience of engaged and committed conservationists, farmers, and food lovers across the country,” said AFT President and CEO John Piotti. “We’re excited to amplify the great stories from America the Bountiful with our supporters to further educate about the importance of farmland protection, sound agriculture practices, and resilient food systems. It’s an exciting partnership to share our vision of keeping America bountiful!”

America The Bountiful celebrates our rich food heritage and is coming to public television stations nationwide in early 2024.

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