Catch the Premiere of 'America the Bountiful' on Create TV July 3 at 6:30 PM ET! Img

We’re thrilled to announce that America the Bountiful will be airing on Create TV channels! Starting July 3, tune in to your local Create TV station every Wednesday at 6:30 PM ET to explore the nation’s diverse cultural tapestry through the lens of food.

Create TV reaches more than 83% of U.S. television households, and 44 million viewers annually — and now all these homes can watch America the Bountiful on their local Create TV station! With these airing times, America the Bountiful is now broadcast in 49 states across the nation.

Find Create TV in your area by visiting, entering your zip code, choosing your local public TV station, and selecting your provider. Join us as we discover the stories behind the foods across America’s Heartland.

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